Jelly is 2D, 3D and animation, with audience participation elements and musical interludes. A roller coaster of funny, sexy, scary creeps and giggles, its psychedelic and visual trip. There is a HUGE market out there right now for this kind of entertainment. Look at the increase in major music festivals the past few years…The crowds are massive. Tens of thousands of kids running from Skrillex to Kendrick Lamar, all high as kites and waving glow sticks. The 420 Nation is upon us. There needs to be product for these people, new entertainment.

We have come up with a new level of theatrical experience for today’s audiences – and its all takes places within the narrative of this funky little existential stoner flick. JELLY is a simple narrative that supports having as much fun as possible. It’s essentially one actor and two locations using the coolest, most cutting edge VFX available. There are marketing elements layered into the film that appeal to the baby boomers, the festival crowd AND those of us raised on Power Puff girls.

We break the fourth wall, hand out glow sticks and Pez’s and encourage shout backs to the screen. Look how much everyone loved DEADPOOL turning to the audience and cracking the inside jokes. That’s what we’re talking about these days – the audience wants IN.

This is one for the Fan-Boy crowd with an awesome (and sexy) new creature.

No. It is not standard fare. No one has done it recently but there has always been a market for the experientially inclined… THE WALL, ROCKY HORROR, HEAVY METAL…and this film has roots (and tentacles) in ANIME – another massive audience worldwide.

A strong vision, a hilarious lead (who gets to carry the whole film), an amazing cinematographer, a kick-ass soundtrack and who knows, Jelly might just be the next iconic trip movie. GOGGLES ON. – Team Jelly


First up, is the 3D/interactive graphic novel and digital comic from illustrator, Joe Cabitit. All the bitchin’ artwork you see on this site is a taste of what he’s got in store for you… If you want find out more about Joe and his other awesome projects, click here…joecabatit.com


How would you like to be trapped, all alone in a Warehouse somewhere in Space… with the feeling something might be in there with you? Yeah, its creepy. You’re in a giant white warehouse filled with rows and rows and white boxes – every direction you look seems the same…but there’s something in there. You can hear it. Then you find its slimy, glowing trail…and then you hear it MOAN? Hey….It’s a SPACECAKE EXPERIENCE. You can expect things are gonna get strange.