About Us

Our goal is to give our target audiences a visceral experience.

Our goal is to give our target audiences a visceral experience.


It’s the thrill of stepping into the unknown, a heart-stopping adrenaline rush of physical and mental challenges and the anxiety of surviving them when you have only yourself to rely on.


It’s a world we know in our bones. 


Married for 21 years, circumnavigated the Pacific Ocean in a relatively small sailboat with our two kids for four years…


We know about teamwork, a thing or two about problem-solving, weathering a storm, finding the best solution and adventuring into the unknown.


Combining our profession as storytellers/entertainers with our personal and first hand account, to bring to life a world that feels authentic, introduces original, complex characters we route for and takes our audience on a breathtaking, fresh adventure.


When we approach a project, we ask ourselves, what would our teenagers see on a weekend?  What do world-wide audiences into genre want to see? And what would you watch again, years from now.…


Kickass action, smart-mouthed characters with a sense of humour,  a splash of gore but not gratuitous violence, stand up in your seat shocks, twists  and stories that inspire us to explore our world and beyond…

Make it cool, make it scary, make it fun and leave Love in your wake.

Make it cool, make it fun - and leave love in your wake.